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International Psychology & Law Worldwide Conference, August 4-7 2015

The International Conference on Psychology & Law will take place from August 4-7, 2015. Friedrich Lösel, Chair of the Organizing Committee, writes “At this Conference we will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the  launch of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) at Nuremberg, Germany. We are grateful that the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS), […]


Come Join us for Spring Training 2015

On March 1st Our Spring Training Sessions begin. They provide the opportunity to be trained by and receive consultation from some of the leading experts in the field; Drs Kevin Hart, Stephen Douglas and Patricia Zapf. About the Training Spring Training Sessions are guided online training programs that run for 10 weeks and are 30 […]


Practical Guidance to Successful Clinical Implementation of the HCR-20 Version 3 (Video)

According to a recent survey, the HCR-20 is the most commonly used violence risk assessment measure across 44 different countries. The HCR-20 assists professionals in correctional, mental health, and forensic settings make decisions about who poses higher versus lower risk for violence, either within institutions or the community, and to devise and monitor risk management […]


Chances are You Know Half as Much as You Did 7 Years Ago: Half-Life of Knowledge Underscores the Importance of Continued Professional Development

The half-life of knowledge is an interesting and important concept. Half-life of knowledge refers to the number of years that it would take for half of the information or knowledge available in a field of study to become defunct or superseded by new information.  This number, of course, varies by field or specialized area of […]

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