Making a case for the state of New Jersey

Case Study: The State of New Jersey

In 2020, the Ann Klein Forensic Center (AKFC), an arm of the State of New Jersey’s government, became concerned that their competency evaluation services were not up to snuff. Specifically, they were worried about their jail-based competency evaluators and competency restoration clinicians. If these professionals were not sufficiently trained, it

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Making a case for the state of Utah

Case Study: The State of Utah

To create foundational requirements for evaluator certifications, the state of Utah decided to develop a state-wide “Best Practices” training for adult competency evaluations. By standardizing their approach through this kind of training program, they would save both time and money. Step 1: Evaluate Needs To put together an effective proposal,

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Making a case for the state of Colorado

Case Study: The State of Colorado

In 2011, the State of Colorado was sued for failure to comply with the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which requires timely competency evaluation and restoration treatment for pretrial detainees in Colorado jails. As part of the ensuing consent decree, the State was

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