Case Rate – Organize, Calculate, Compare

Case Rate – Organize, Calculate, Compare

About Case Rate

Case Rate (, developed by Dr. Neil Gowensmith and his team, is the first mobile app ever designed specifically for forensic evaluators. Case Rate provides evaluators with the ability to improve their practice in a number of different ways. The most powerful feature of Case Rate is reviewing the base rates of important facets related to your work – how often you opine someone competent vs incompetent, or how often you’re retained by defense counsel, for example. You can combine variables to see how they impact each other, compare your rates to others using the app, and export all of your information to your desktop. It’s safe and secure, using the industry’s top encryption measures to protect your information. There’s no easier way to organize cases, prep for cross-examination, or investigate factors that could influence your final forensic opinions.

Case Rate was developed by Dr. Neil Gowensmith and his team.

Here’s how the different features of Case Rate can work for you:


Case Rate is a great way to organize your case-related information. Enter attorney contact info, evaluation details, payment info, contact info for county jails, deadlines, and much more. Now it’s easy to keep all of your case-related information in one spot.


Case Rate allows evaluators to enter up to 30 variables related to their cases. Demographics (age, gender, diagnoses, ethnicity of the defendant, etc.), case information (severity of charges, violent or sexual charges, etc.), evaluator information (employer, discipline, etc.), and evaluation information (fees charged, retaining attorney, etc.) can be entered. You choose what to enter – and using our new “favorites” feature, you can pre-select those variables you’re most interested in, making entering case information a breeze.

The most exciting part of Case Rate is analyzing those variables. You can calculate base rates on any of your variables with one click – now you’ll know how many cases you’ve conducted, what your rates of opinions are, how often you’re retained by one party, where you conduct your evaluations, and more. And you can combine variables to explore how your base rates change in certain situations. Want to know if your forensic opinions change when you’re paid a fee, retained by prosecution, or seeing a person of color? More and more often cross-examiners want to know the answers to these questions – now, by creating a “Custom Case Rate” you’ll have the answer and be ready to respond with confidence and accuracy.


By aggregating data across users, we are able to calculate base rates that are informed by all users. To be clear, we never collect personally identifying information (we couldn’t if we wanted to; it’s encrypted into a random mishmash), but other data is aggregated for analysis of trends, patterns, and larger base rates. We provide those comparative base rates to all users of Case Rate through regular newsletters and updates. In time, when minimum numbers of users allow, more sophisticated analyses will be possible (state by state, discipline by discipline, etc.).

Case Rate is bigger and better than ever! Our latest updates include more variables, the ability to personalize your “favorite” variables and case rate outcomes, and the ability to export all of your data with the click of a button. It’s never been easier to organize your cases and keep track of your findings.

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Join the many others around the world using Case Rate! Visit us at or find the iOS app in the App Store for more information (Android version in development).

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